Source: Why ARMACAD



For those who don’t know ARMACAD is a platform for everyone to search and find opportunities worldwide. Every day regular updates across hundreds of disciplines appear online and those who have subscribed receive email notifications about new projects.

There are two generations: first one so old that doesn’t use ARMACAD and the second one so young that don’t lose a single opportunity.  So if you have not subscribed yet here are reasons to tell why you should. You’ll receive new emails every Monday morning and get notified what new opportunities are available around the world and of course this means they are good chance to TRAVEL (Yay!).

And the story begins as you receive the first notification as this emails most probably include a life changing opportunity for you. Just open them and you can find there:

1. Conferences worldwide (just look at this),

2. Public events such us discussions, presentations, contests, forums and festivals,

3. Trainings or even seminars, workshops, lectures and symposiums,

4. There are many volunteering opportunities that can help you to get experience,

5. Job opportunities for those who are already experienced (just like this one),

6. There are opportunities for those who want to share their experience and also help others (e.g. Teach for Armenia),

7. and last but differently not least learn about summer schools around the world like this one or maybe this .

Now don’t lose a minute and subscribe ARMACAD for future opportunities.


Like a melody

I’m waking up from the voice of my roommates speaking about their plans. It’s one of  the beautiful Friday mornings in April. The air is so refreshing and it feels like the trees that are about to blossom want to hide their sprouts cause they know: it’s gonna rain. Clouds are getting closer to each other and darker and the birds are flying so close to the ground. Yes, it’s gonna rain and am gonna see how this beautiful city of Brasov takes shower.

I’m going out for breakfast. Taking a walk through the old navy streets shows the lovely and livable side of the city. life is so different even between the streets and this made me think of the coziness of traveling and right in that moment I see the reflection of my big smile in the windows of the cafe that has no visitors yet. I’m the firs one.

Choosing my seat outside always allows to see the rhythm of everyday life of locals which I love and while I’m watching how an old couple is walking hand by hand the rain is starting and I  hear the symphony of the rain that combines sound of the drops on the shelter of the cafe, on windows and on the ground. life is a melody.